Madnix Casino Games: What does their Game Library consist of?

Madnix Casino Games: What does their Game Library consist of?

What could be better than a wide choice of games to have fun at an online casino ? Whether you are a fan of big winnings or simply there for the pleasure of playing, the number of games a casino offers will always influence your perception of it. Today, we have taken the initiative to present you the  Madnix casino game offers . This establishment in particular, which is getting a lot of attention at the moment, read our article revealing the entertainment it offers.

Very limited quality games at Madnix casino

Madnix casino is an online gambling organization that was launched very recently, in 2019 to be exact. This very recent marketing has indeed played a role in the quality of  the Madnix casino game library . In fact, the  real problem with this casino is false propaganda, its game library, although correct, is sorely lacking in diversity. It is exactly this point that earned him all these accusations of madnix scam .

What is the real purpose of offering a huge amount of games if they all look the same? You would think that the Madnix casino would have secured a most impressive game library by teaming up with talented developers like BetSoft, Quickspin and Play’n’Go, but it is not. The qualitative aspect of the  games offered by Madnix  is nothing very extravagant, there are only basic graphics and concepts already seen everywhere in this one. This strategy made him lose points, as much for amateurs of excellence as for players preferring diversified toy libraries.

This duality earned him a fairly mediocre general opinion, and propelled him straight to a place just average on the ranking of the best toy libraries  on the market.

Lack of diversity for Madnix casino games?

To make matters worse, Madnix casino  has bet on the variety of headings offered, these are very present but a small problem comes to change the situation. Today, Madnix Casino boasts of offering:

  • Poker games.
  • Blackjack.
  • Roulette.
  • Craps.
  • Keno.
  • Slot machines.
  • Dice games.

On paper, it is an ambitious project, as for the practice it is far from being the case.  The  disadvantage of Madnix casino is not the number but the distribution of its games. It is not less than 80% of the titles which are dedicated to the slot machines , which on the toy library, with in bonus more than 50 titles reserved for poker. In all, almost 90% of its toy library spread over 2 small categories. We are very far from the diversity that the Madnix casino has promised. The other  negative point of Madnix is the pseudo bonus offer with no wagering requirements. This is in fact just another questionable offer which aims to reduce players’ earnings as much as possible. In return for removing the wagering requirements, Madnix casino severely limits you on bets.

You will be capped at a maximum of 5 euros per stake. It is therefore impossible to make profits at Madnix casino.


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