La Riviera deposit: how to deposit money?

La Riviera deposit: how to deposit money?

The games of chance are present everywhere in our life, most of the time we do not even realize that we practice them, however it is the case, it can take the form of bets between friends, of risky decisions that ‘we take, the result is the same, we take risks and we are delighted with the results.

What are the deposit methods of La Riviera casino? 

The games of chance are therefore the logical continuity of this predisposition, these games can be played without supervision as can be played under the supervision of casinos allowing players to stability and security.

However technological progress makes these physical casinos obsolete and are more and more replaced by a new competitor driven by the digitalization of our life, it is the online casino.

Among these casinos we find the casino La Riviera,  it is a controversial casino but if one day you decide to take the step, you will go through the registration box which will be done in a few minutes, the following is a step much more complicated,  it’s about making your deposits .

depot la riviera

Casino La Riviera offers several options for your deposits such as:

  • Bank transfers.
  • Bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
  • Electronic wallets with three options available: Neteller, Skrill, Click2Play.

It should be noted that deposits are instant and secure , however we regret the absence of other more recent means of deposits which have become very popular today, such as virtual currencies as well as other online payment platforms.

Regarding withdrawals there are payment methods, however the speed of receipt of money depends on each method and varies greatly, ranging from instant to 10 working days .

It should be noted that the VIP service is a resource that allows you priority processing for your withdrawals, which has the effect of processing your request much faster than for an ordinary user.

What are the deposit bonuses at La Riviera casino?

The deposits of the La Riviera casino are truly an important aspect of this casino, since a good part of the bonuses that the La Riviera casino offers depends on these same deposits , this pushes us to make our deposits carefully  and adjust them in order to benefit one of the bonuses offered.

We are therefore citing the various La Riviera bonuses which are related to deposits:

  • The welcome bonus  : during your first three deposits you will have a bonus of 500 euros as well as 50 free spins;
  • Cashback : to qualify, you should have made a deposit of at least 250 euros during the week;
  • Weekly bonuses : each day of the week sees you with a specific bonus thanks to your deposits, on Thursday for example it is a 20% bonus of up to 200 euros with a minimum deposit of 25 euros to have access.


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